Meet my nephew, Zayn Syafiq

Zayn Syafiq

This summer, I had the pleasure of spending some extra time with my dearest nephew, Zayn bin Syafiq. He has changed and grown so much since I last saw him in December.

When Fai and I left Singapore last August, Zayn just turned two. And we mainly had one word repetitive conversations with him. It was mostly, ‘look Zayn, car!’ ‘Bus’, and making bike noises like ‘Vroom! Vroom!’

But now, my dearest Zayn is a big boy! He is three, expressive, independent, and talks non-stop!


Tate & Tonic: Personal Stylist Concierge Review

Tate & Tonic Box

Did you know that there’s an online personal shopping service with your very own personal stylist right here in Singapore? AND it caters to MEN! Yup! I only found out about it when Nurul shared it with me. Apparently, she saw it on Facebook and insisted I should give it a try.

I have always envisioned myself as a Hollywood Superstar having at least three personal stylists doing my hair and preparing outfits from around the world for my preference. Well, I still have not even broken into Bollywood or Zee TV Drama series. But at least now I can envision having a personal stylist of my own.


Saying goodbye, Adieu Marrakech: Part 1


My Moroccan escapade has finally ended and this is the first of a few posts about my final moments in Marrakech.

My teaching stint with the American School of Marrakesh (ASM) officially ended on the July 31, 2015. And soon, I will be starting a new adventure, possibly in a not so foreign land. InsyaAllah. But before that I’d like to share what I thought about this eye-opening experience.

I have experienced so much in Morocco that to be honest, I seriously do not know where to start. So I guess this post shall be the first aspect of the major picture of my Moroccan experience. I shall begin with how I feel about leaving Morocco.


Style Diary: Eid al-Fitr 2015

Salam all!

Eid is finally and officially over for me! This last weekend as Singapore celebrated its 50th year of independence, Fai and I went around the island visiting our friends. And I am here to finally share with you guys the different outfits I wore for my Eid al-Fitr visits.

Hi-Lo Kurung

For the first day of Syawal, I wore a Hi-Lo Kurung from MODE Clothier. I just love the simplicity of this modern meets traditional outfit and the vibrant colour-blocking that it provides.

In Singapore, just like Malaysia, the first day of Eid al-Fitr means dressing up in your finest traditional Malay outfit. For the ladies, it will be a variation of baju kurungs (there are baju kebaya, kurung Kedah, kurung Pahang, kebaya Pahang, and kebaya Nyonya etc).


Eid al-Fitr in Singapore: A month long celebration

Assalamualaikum (Peace be upon you)!

Syed Mahmood Albukhari Family

Syed Mahmood Albukhari Family

How is everyone? First of all, a VERRRRY belated Eid al-Fitr Mubarak to all of you out there! Wow! Truly sorry but time really do pass by when you’re having fun. I seriously can’t believe that it is already August. Ramadan came and Ramadan left. And soon, Fai and I will be leaving this little island yet again. Our next Ramadan and Eid will be in Frankfurt, Germany. InsyaAllah.

Hmmm. I wonder how Ramadan and Eid are celebrated there??? It definitely will be different just like how Eid al-Adha was extremely different for us in Marrakech especially with the city coming to a standstill and all shops being closed! (Note to travellers to avoid Morocco during Islamic holidays)

But, I can safely say that no one in the world celebrates Eid al-Fitr like us, Southeast Asians, particularly Singaporeans and Malaysians! Not America, Europe or even the Middle East! For us, Eid al-Fitr is a month-long affair of feasting, visiting and fostering stronger relationships with family and friends. This is entirely different from the World as it is usually celebrated for only a single day.

A Month! I don’t know who made it this way but I guess that since we fasted for a month then its only fair to also party for a month! It might seem excessive but it actually gives us time to reconnect with people especially in mad rushing time crunching Singapore.

I bet many are still out there celebrating Eid al-Fitr or as we call it here, ‘Hari Raya’ (Celebration Day) especially since it is a long weekend here in Singapore as the nation celebrates its 50th independence.