Missing home

    I just spoke to my family yesterday, we’re planning a London and Manchester trip together for end of the year. InsyaAllah. But today, just suddenly, I am missing home. For the first time, I am actually missing Singapore. Maybe it is because we’re at the end of Ramadhan and I am listening to Warna on my iPad – all those raya songs are not helping!

    As I am typing this out, I am controlling my tears. This isn’t my first overseas rodeo. I’ve done this before. In fact, I’ve spent Eid al-Fitr without my parents around before – they’ve been on Umrah trips or overseas. But I’ve never spent Eid al-Fitr away from Singapore, from family and friends. Oh gosh! This is going to be tough! I wonder how it will be next year. I need to toughen up. I hope I won’t break down when I hear the takbeer next week!

    The last time I felt like this was when I heard the takbeer for the first time at my in-laws place six years ago. I was a newly wed then and had recently moved out of my parents place. But just like last time, this feeling shall pass. Ok, I need to go off my iPad now before I break down totally. Until next time, insyaAllah.



    Ramadhan in Frankfurt


    with the young ones from Indonesia

    We moved to Frankfurt a month before Ramadhan and honestly, I dreaded it. I was actually scared about fasting long hours in the Summer and away from family for the first time ever. My last Ramadhan was with my family and the year before that was in our own home in Punggol. Even though we were in our own home we still went for iftar at our parents.

    But this year, we are all alone. No family – the ones we have are about an hour away from us by car. To top it off, the fasting hours are crazy. Fajr is at 3.45am and Maghrib (iftar) varies between 9.35pm to 9.40pm. This Ramadhan is tougher on me than Fairoz (he had a little sneak peek from fasting a couple of days in Marrakech, last year). Ok, I doubt he’ll agree with me here. Lol.

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    Style Diary: Wearing H&M


    The sun is finally out here in Frankfurt after days of it being cold and rainy. I can finally leave the house without bringing a jacket with me. Seriously, spring here is like Brisbane’s winter. Sorry Naaj, what you are experiencing in Brisbane is nothing compared to our unpredictable weather here. The other day Fai and I experienced a whole lot of unpredictable weather in just one day. It started bright and sunny and sometime in the late afternoon it hailed!

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    Berger Strassenfest 2016


    Last Sunday Nur and I decided to explore our neighbourhood and get some form of exercise done before Ramadan. We were walking along Berger Strasse, a street went filled with eclectic shops and were happy to find a nearby gym (hopefully I can start joining their Yoga classes), a Halal butcher, a cafe selling halal hamburgers (I so miss my Kech Burgers in Morocco!) and roasted chicken, a sugaring parlour and an Irish pub to watch my Euro 2016 matches! I wonder what will happen when the Irish, British and Welsh fans collide at the place. Hehe. At least they all would be speaking in English.

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    Moving to Frankfurt


    By now, many of you would know that Fai and I are currently living in Frankfurt, Germany. But what most of you do not know were the difficulties which we had to go through just to get here.

    April last year Fai accepted a position as an International Baccalaureate (IB) Biology teacher. Back then, we were still in Marrakech and we thought that we will put a hold in applying our German visas until we return to Singapore. I’d admit that a part of me didn’t really have much confidence to apply for them in Morocco. Especially with the huge language barrier. My Arabic was half past six and my French was almost non-existent. And anyways, I was returning to Singapore for the Backstreet Boys concert the following month.

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