Harry Kane England Debut: The Golden Boy

The English fans were up on their feet on the 71st minute. No, it wasn’t that the English team were already up by 3 goals to nil. It wasn’t in recognition for the rejuvenated Rooney who has turned his season around when it looked bleak being ignored into a midfield role by Van Gaal for the likes of Van Persie and Falcao. It wasn’t because the English team was finally playing smooth football against undeniably small minnows.

They were up for a 21 year old man coming from the town of Chingford. As Rooney shook hands with the youngster, the whole stadium erupted with a roar of anticipation. And it took just 80 seconds before the young man from Tottenham Hotspurs scored his first England goal on his debut.


Source: www.tottenhamhotspur.com

That man is none other than Harry Kane. He is simply having an amazing season. Indeed, after the loss of Gareth Bale, Spurs fans might have been forgiven if they would ever see a brilliant UK player zipping on the field. It simply says a lot for the youngster to be Spur’s main striker having supplanted both internationals Emmanuel Adebayor and Robert Soldado.

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LKY’s death & a Note from an 8th Grader

Today I received an email from one of my Eighth Grader. He is one of my smartest students here in Marrakech. And his message made me go ‘Awww….’

Here is a boy enjoying the time of his life basking in the sweet nectary Sun of Mexico when he took the time out of his precious Spring break to write a condolence email to me just because he saw on the Spanish news the death of Lee Kuan Yew.

He wrote,

I was watching the Spanish news with my uncle who lives here. One of the headlines was the death of Lee Kwan Yu. I would like to give my condolescence for the loss of the founder of your country.

He ended the email with ‘Saya berat’ (which means I’m heavy in Malay) and that made me chuckled warmly cause I think he meant ‘with a heavy heart’ but a BRILLIANT effort nevertheless to write in Malay!

Living overseas has made me realise how Lee Kuan Yew’s death has garnered numerous international media coverage. It is amazing that happenings of a tiny dot on the world map is being highlighted worldwide.

Every media coverage states that Lee Kuan Yew was the founding father of Singapore. But I have to clarify a few things about Singapore.

  1. Sang Nila Utama (an Indonesian Hindu King) founded Singapura in the 13oos. He named it Singapura after spotting a lion on its shores. Singa is Lion in Malay and Pura means City thus the name ‘Lion City’.
  2. Singapura was a fishing village then until Sir Stamford Raffles (a British Governor) turned it into a thriving port in 1819.
  3. In 1965 Lee Kuan Yew along with Dr Toh Chin Chye, Devan Nair, Othman Wok, and Goh Keng Swee guided the separation of Singapore from Malaysia thus making him one of the Founding Fathers of Modern Singapore.

I hope this little piece of information helps you understand more about Singapore’s short history.

Nevertheless I am very touched that my Spanish student here in Marrakech remembers that I am a Singaporean.


Mini makeover for MarocMama

Amanda Close Up

Earlier this morning I received a text from Amanda of MarocMama asking if I could do her a favour. I’ve to admit when I received her text this morning at 10am, I was still in bed lazing around. Mak Eton aka Mama D’Cruz just left Marrakech the day before. Thus, Fai and I had a late night and only slept at around 3am.

So, when I received that text from Amanda, I was like, ‘oh no! I am not awake yet. What favour could she possibly want from me?’ Plus I’ve a ton of errands to run before the Winkler brothers (Fairoz’s cousins) visit us in a couple of days. But when she told me that she needed a quick and simple makeover for her photoshoot with a well-known women’s magazine, I said, YES! Why not right?

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A little under the weather

This is my first ever Winter to Spring experience and I have to say that the weather is so confusing! One minute it is super warm and the next it is freezing!

Just last week I was out without the need to use any jacket but this week, you can’t step out of the house without being bundled up.

This confusing weather is making me a little feverish the last couple of days. But my days at home hasn’t been boring so far as Mama D’Cruz is here to visit from Singapore. And she brought along our new camera lens – Panasonic Lumix 25mm F/1.4. I am so excited to be using this new lens for our future Youtube videos. InsyaAllah.

New lens

And oh, here is an update of how my skin currently looks like in its bare state after using Mario Badescu for a few months.


Before I leave, I’d like to wish the fourth #AlbukhariSisters a Happy 25th Birthday with a #throwback photo of us in New Zealand back in 2008! Missing you heaps, Qibs!

Qibs and I


Updated skincare and Mario Badescu Review

Current Skincare

It has been awhile since I’ve written about beauty stuff and I think it is about time I update you on my current skin condition and skincare routine.

I initially wanted to sit down and write this blog post yesterday, but I was down with a little bit of fever. To top that off, the weather here in Marrakech is a little confusing lately – we have really warm sunny afternoons and super chilly nights. Today is no exception. After days of temperature in the mid 20s degree celsius, the temperature dipped below 10 today.

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Jardin Majorelle – The YSL Garden


The moment you step into Jardin Majorelle, it is light being transported out of Marrakech. And immediately you will understand why the late Algerian-born French fashion designer, Yves Saint Laurent fell in love with the place.

It is so peaceful in the garden that you will not believe you are in Marrakech. I have been to the garden twice but ironically both times not with my husband.

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Samsung Galaxy S6: Six Appeal

Samsung Galaxy S6 (Photo: Samsung.com)

Samsung Galaxy S6 (Photo: Samsung.com)

Ever since the age of 3G and Smartphones, Nurul and I have been firm supporters of Samsung. I would not deny that we were once hesitant to move to a touch screen from our dear keypad Blackberry. Nurul tried to make it work and temporarily switched to LG when touch screen phones came into this world only to return to Blackberry shortly after. And even when we were about to succumb to the dark side known as the highly secretive, protected, and troublesome mega giant known as the iPhone, we held back.

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Day trip to Oukaimeden

Strolling in Oukaimeden

Strolling in Oukaimeden

Earlier this month (or rather last month since it is already March), my Albukhari Family (mum, dad, and youngest sister – Albukhari sister number five), came to visit us here in Marrakech. And the first thing we did as a family was to head up to the Atlas Mountain for some snow fun in the sun.

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In love with Dubai in just a day


After living in Marrakech for a good six months or so, I realised that I am a big city girl and I miss the city very much. I love the hustle and bustle of a city life. Movies, theatres, art, shopping malls and everything else that comes with a city. I love it.

Don’t get me wrong, you will get a lot of hustle and bustle here in Marrakech as well, and shopping here can be very cheap if you know where to look but it isn’t the same. In fact, the chaos here in Marrakech tends to give me anxiety. I guess it is because of all the stares I get walking down the streets if I am alone. Never mind the fact that I wear the hijab you’d think I will blend in well, but because I am Asian, and there isn’t plenty of Asian around here that they stare at me. Furthermore, women sitting alone in cafes is not the norm here. Thus, I prefer staying at home. It can be very depressing sitting at home alone all day, everyday of the week, but I find comfort that I am able to be myself without any stares. And to top it off, language is a major barrier.

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Welcome to our new blog!

Oh hello there! How are you? It has been awhile isn’t it? And a lot has changed! First of, we are no longer ‘I Love Looking Good’. Instead we are now ‘Albukhari-D’Cruz: Our Story’. The change was impromptu and fast! The year was ending and Fai and I reflected a bit on what we hope to achieve for our blog. We’re both 30 now and we have matured slightly. Thus, we thought it is about time to give our blog a bit of a makeover. We changed our blog name from something ‘superficial’ to a little more personal.

If you don’t know by now, Albukhari is my family’s name (my dad is Arab you see) while D’Cruz is Fairoz’s surname. We’ve decided to combine our surnames together to chronicle our story, our journey, and our life abroad and anywhere else life takes us. And one day when we have children, InsyaAllah, our children will inherit both our surnames. I intend to give my future children double-barrelled surnames with the intention of hyphenating our family names. Ok…. I am digressing.

A more mature blog doesn’t mean that I will stop chronicling stuff on beauty as well as my personal style. Never! Beauty and fashion will always be part of this blog. It is just that there are more things to this blog now, like, our infertility journey, our travels, and our food haunts as well as cravings. I might even share a recipe or two in the future.

To get things going, we have moved everything – all our social media pages and channels are now Albukhari-D’Cruz. If you haven’t done so by now, start checking us out on Facebook and Youtube!

I hope you will continue this journey with us and not find us boring. Until next time. InsyaAllah. And oh, Happy New Year 2015 (albeit two months late)!