Jardin Majorelle – The YSL Garden


The moment you step into Jardin Majorelle, it is light being transported out of Marrakech. And immediately you will understand why the late Algerian-born French fashion designer, Yves Saint Laurent fell in love with the place. It is so peaceful in the garden that you will not … [Read more...]

Samsung Galaxy S6: Six Appeal


Ever since the age of 3G and Smartphones, Nurul and I have been firm supporters of Samsung. I would not deny that we were once hesitant to move to a touch screen from our dear keypad Blackberry. Nurul tried to make it work and temporarily switched to LG when touch screen phones … [Read more...]

Day trip to Oukaimeden


Earlier this month (or rather last month since it is already March), my Albukhari Family (mum, dad, and youngest sister - Albukhari sister number five), came to visit us here in Marrakech. And the first thing we did as a family was to head up to the Atlas Mountain for some snow … [Read more...]

In love with Dubai in just a day


After living in Marrakech for a good six months or so, I realised that I am a big city girl and I miss the city very much. I love the hustle and bustle of a city life. Movies, theatres, art, shopping malls and everything else that comes with a city. I love it. Don't get me … [Read more...]

Welcome to our new blog!


Oh hello there! How are you? It has been awhile isn't it? And a lot has changed! First of, we are no longer 'I Love Looking Good'. Instead we are now 'Albukhari-D'Cruz: Our Story'. The change was impromptu and fast! The year was ending and Fai and I reflected a bit on what we … [Read more...]

Marrakech Food Haunt: Fuddruckers


One of the foods that Nur and I have been craaaaving for awhile living in Marrakech is actually a scrumptious and wholesome burger. Nothing beats eating a tender and juicy beef packed within two crusty buns and hot sauce! Many of Marrakech's supposed burgers have been beef … [Read more...]

Skincare problems


I am currently experiencing the worse skin problem since I was 21 and I have no idea what to do with it. My current skincare routine consisting of Mario Badescu and Philosophy's Hope in a Jar is not working at all! It is driving me insane and worse of all, I feel awful! My … [Read more...]

Marrakech International Film Festival 2014


If you have been walking around Marrakech lately, you will notice the Festival International du Film de Marrakech all around town and Nur and I were wondering what it was all about. When we found out that one of the films that has been listed is this film festival is none other … [Read more...]

One with the blue city


  By now you are probably sick of any Chefchaouen posts. Haha. But if you think I only did one outfit photoshoot during my trip to Chefchaouen, then, you are absolutely wrong! The idea was to only do one outfit of the day video for our Youtube Channel. But when we came … [Read more...]

In the blue city

Nurulhuda Profile Pic_TB

  You have probably seen the video and even seen some of the Chefchaouen pictures. Yet, here I am blogging about my outfit choices from Chefchaouen. You see, Chefchaouen is so picturesque that all I had in mind upon reaching the magnificent blue city was to take some … [Read more...]

Our trip to Chefchaouen


One of the things that I feel truly blessed and thankful to Allah is frankly for giving me the opportunity to work overseas in Morocco. Marrakech has been a magical feast of sights and sounds. We have not even fully ventured the exotic parts of Jemaa el Fnaa when we decided to … [Read more...]

Marrakech Food Haunt: Catanzaro


Since living in Marrakech, both Nur and I have been on a restaurant spree trying to identify the best food haunts in Marrakech. Thus without further due, I am proud to present to you I Love Looking Good's Guide to the Best Marrakech Food Haunts (MFH). I would not deny that we had … [Read more...]

The red city


When Fai and I first arrived in Marrakech, we didn't have enough time to explore this unique red city. We were just busy setting up our base, our new home. And at the top (the rooftop, I mean) of our new home is a spectacular view of the city. This is Gueliz, the new city in … [Read more...]

What to pack: A Hijabi’s Guide to the Sahara

Sahara Guide_TB

During the long Eid al Adha weekend break, Fai and I had the opportunity to explore Morocco and we headed out to the Sahara. I wasn’t really sure what to bring for the desert so I overpacked especially since I heard that it will be extremely cold during the night. Mind you I was … [Read more...]

Should I get a Samsung Note 4?


I still remembered when the iPhone blew the world into a frenzy when it was first released in 2007. Everyone just had to get it. Long lines popped up everywhere. It wasn't a new idea rather a simple dream of having a computer that fits into your pocket. You can just ask any … [Read more...]