A week in Rome (Part 5)

    Ok, let’s try finishing this series soon. If by now you’ve not read part one, two, three, and four. Go check it out.

    Day 5 (5 Aug 2016)


    This is the day we’re heading back into the Vatican City for our tour of the Vatican. So we booked a tour with City Wonders cause we heard of long horrible queue stories and the fastest way to get into the Vatican was with a guided tour by City Wonders.

    Our tour starts at 10am and to reach there on time, Fai and I left at 8.30am. We thought an hour and half means plenty of time right? No! We’re wrong! We totally forgot about peak hour. Remember our first tour on day two?

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    Style Diary: 60s vibe


    I am someone who is still trying to find her personal style. So when people usually ask me what my personal style is, I can never explain it. I guess for me it is all about comfort and ease. So lately my wardrobe consists mostly of basics. White and black long sleeve tees, tank tops, slim cut pants and lots of layering pieces.

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    A week in Rome (Part 4)

    This series is taking longer than I expected. Now that I am working full-time here in Frankfurt, it is hard to keep up. Not that it was easier when I wasn’t working too. Lol.

    Day 4 (4 Aug 2016)


    Anyways, for our fourth day in Rome, Fai and I pre-booked a free cycling tour (you only need to pay €10 around S$15.30 for the bicycle rental) in Rome. We opted for the sunset tour at 5pm – to avoid being baked by the sun of course! Lol.

    Our morning started out pretty relaxing. We did not want to tire ourselves out before the tour. Somehow when the sun is up and it is extremely hot, we get tired easily. Cranky too.

    As usual we left our Airbnb at about noon for lunch – again we went to Termini Station for Halal food. I swear, at this point of time I was so sick of eating Indian food and Biryani. Kat Marrakech I was complaining about the lack of Indian food and now that I am living in Europe, Halal food usually means Indian food. Other times it is Kebabs.

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    A week in Rome (Part 3)


    I need to quickly finish blogging about our Rome trip (cause there are other things on my mind) before I totally forgot about it.

    Day 3 (3 Aug 2016)

    So on our third day in Rome, Fai and I started the day slightly late. It was possibly the hottest day in Rome – it was for me at least (it reached 42 degree celsius that day).

    After a good long shower and a bit of lazing around, it was time for Fai and I to head out. My stomach was already making funny noises even though I had breakfast. Lol.

    We took the bus to Termini Station and walked to one of the Indian restaurants for Biryani. There’s a wide selection of Halal food along Termini Station. My favourite was the Halal Italian Pizza recommended by Aisyah (our Singaporean friend from Hamburg who is now back in Singapore) on our first night here. Unfortunately, I do not remember the name of the pizza place. Sorry guys!

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    A week in Rome (Part 2)


    Our first night in Rome was awful! It was so warm and our apartment did not have any air-conditioning. The fan was useless! Fai and I kept waking in the middle of the night trying to get comfortable. We finally gave up around Fajr (nak kena solat Subuh anyway) and woke up.

    Despite waking up early, Fairoz and I were late for our first tour in Rome. Before we left for Rome, Fai and I booked the Angels and Demons tour. This was one of the two tours which we paid for in advance and this was the only thing I looked forward to on the entire trip!

    Day 2 (2 Aug 2016)

    The Angels and Demons tour run on three days (Sunday, Tuesday, and Friday) at 9am. And somehow we chose to kickstart our Roman adventure with this tour.

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