My uncompleted list

Last week was supposed to be a week of respite for Fairoz and I. Whenever our colleagues asked what were our plans for the one week break, we told them that we will be hibernating in our apartment.

We also had high hopes of catching up on our favourite shows. We intended to Netflix and chill. But, that wasn’t the case! The week went by so fast and we were running errands almost daily. I was also ambitious enough thinking that I will accomplish all the things on my list.

My uncompleted list:

  1. Edit travel vlogs from December. Not forgetting blogging as well (not done)
  2. OB/GYN Appointment – done
  3. Dental Appointment – done
  4. Laundry (which is never-ending) – I have a new pile now.
  5. Catch up on my TV shows (Jane the Virgin and Agents of Shield) – did not start on any
  6. Pay back my fast while it is still Winter!!! Just three more days left – I am now down to my last day. Hurray!!
  7. Explore Frankfurt Museums (cause we haven’t been to any since moving here) – still not done.
  8. Go to Kleinmarkhalle – heard the oysters are good and they have other fresh seafood too!
  9. Buy groceries – managed to get this done!
  10. Start cooking again – Cooked three times since last week! Yay!!
  11. Finish reading at least one book – I am only a few pages in.

And before I could complete the above list, Fairoz and I are back at work and this is the busiest time of the school term as term two is ending.

Despite all of that, I did enjoy my break. Fai and I spent our weekend in Walldorf playing Harry Potter Cluedo with his cousins. It was so much fun. Those boys are so competitive!

I honestly can’t wait for our next break. We’re planning to head over to London (I know you must be thinking… again?) and Birmingham. InsyaAllah.



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