Frankfurt Food Haunt: Guter Bulle

I have always been a burger fan. Not the McDonald’s ones but rather fresh minced meat sauteed with herbs and spices. The good wholesome burger that is nutritious and vital for life.

Honestly, my love for gourmet burgers sparked while living in Marrakech. Nurul and I chanced upon a tiny shop called KechBurger (can’t believe I didn’t blog about it!) The faire of New York was infused into the shop and my weekly weekend burger meals rejuvenated me for the next working week.

I missed having those kind of burgers. And living in Frankfurt means our Halal options are pretty limited. Nurul has been making homemade burgers but I do not want to impose a weekly need on her.


So when we found out about Guter Bulle, we became ecstatic. Cause after awhile, kebabs just doesn’t cut it. Nur and I were on our way back from gym (yes, we are gym-people now) when we saw a newly-opened burger joint. The place was packed and there were a few hijab-wearing women dining there as well. We have seen Guter Bulle ads on Facebook but have always assumed it to be non-Halal.

Nur contacted Guter Bulle on Facebook and asked if they served Halal meat and if their food are Halal. The people of Guter Bulle were pretty fast with their reply. And their reply were simple – ist alles Halal.

When Nurul told me about it, I knew we had to check it out! We went there during our February winter break. There were more Muslim snacking on the burgers. Thus getting another tick from me. The server behind the counter was an Arab brother. My hope went up. I saw no alcohol in the freezer. Another check. Then I sunk when I saw the word ‘khanzir’ on the menu. Now, my Arabic might be limited but I know that ‘khanzir’ or ‘khinzir’ is usually associated with bacon. There are some ‘I slam’ brothers out here in Germany not practising the religion and I was afraid these people might be the same. But there was still a flicker of hope that it could be turkey bacon cause I don’t understand the German words underneath it explaining the menu.

When we finally reached the counter, we gave our salaams and asked, ‘alles Hallal?’ And the resounding reply was, ‘Ja! Ist alles Halal’ – ‘Yes! All is Halal’. My face lit up with joy!


I ordered the Juarez 187 and Nurul had the Tora Bora. She initially wanted to try out their steak but sadly it ran out.

The Juarez 187 was a Mexican-style burger infused with tacos and mixed with guacamole on top of juicy double beef patties with toasty buns. Scrumptious! But the Tora Bora which Nurul ordered was a huge surprise! With Mars chocolate candy infused into her double beef patty burger, it created this amazing juice that was finger licking good!


And my favourite on the menu has to be their sweet potato fries (no photos unfortunately)! I have always hated sweet potatoes. But not anymore! The fries were crunchy and yet the sweet potatoes melts in your mouth when mixed with the Guter Bulle secret sauce.

I can now say that my weekly fix is BACK! I CAN’T WAIT TO GET BACK TO Guter Bulle! Did I also mention that it is only one u-bahn stop away from where we’re staying?! 😀


How to get there:
Guter Bulle Frankfurt
Bergerstraβe 154
Frankfurt am Main 60385
By u-bahn: U4 Bornheim Mitte
(in direction of Enkheim or Seckbacher Landstrasse from Frankfurt am Main Hauptbanhof or Konstablerwache)

Note: Halal meat is being used and verified by staff. Please confirm again with staff if you’re checking this place out.


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