Frankfurt Food Haunt: Moustache

When it comes to food reviews, I usually let Fairoz blog about it while I edit his photos and article. He is the food connoisseur despite not being able to cook. Lol!

But this time around, I am the ‘food critic’. I don’t have a choice cause Fairoz did not join me for a girls’ day out with Miza who was in town for the weekend. Meanwhile, Fai had his boys night with his cousins.

So, when Miza told me that she had a flight to Frankfurt, of course I was extremely excited. I get excited when I am able to meet any Singaporean – family, friends, or acquaintances. Somehow they make me feel a little less homesick.

Since Miza’s time in Frankfurt was pretty short. I had to think of places for us to hangout. I initially wanted to bring her to Guter Bulle, but Marriott is on the other end of the U4 line.

Then I thought of Pandan, but why bring a Singaporean to a Malay restaurant? I know I miss Malay food very much but Miza can get it anytime she wants when she’s back in Singapore. Miza then suggested Thai Fun but I was a little sick of Thai Fun to be honest. So I turned to Google and found Moustache, a restaurant serving Halal Balkan food in Sachsenhausen.





Balkan food is very new to me as I have never tried it before. And when I saw the menu, I was pretty much excited. They served steak! I haven’t had steak in awhile and I have been craving for it for quite awhile now. I’ve missed Singapore and the easy access to good and Halal steak.

When we were at Moustache, I helped Miza translate most of its German menu with my very limited, horrible, acquired German. We both opted for the rump steak. Mine was served with sour cream baked potatoes and hers was with roasted potatoes. I preferred Miza’s potatoes over mine.

The portions of our steak were pretty big but the waiter did not ask us how we would like our steak. Both of our steak were well-done. And I don’t like my steak to be well-done. Luckily though it was still tender although not to my liking. With our steak came a huge portion of salad which Miza helped me eat. Heheee..

The restaurant also serves a variety of Mediterranean grills (apparently Mediterranean food is also part of Balkan cuisine) and it has duck (pute or puten in German). So if you’re a big fan of duck – I reckon give it a try and tell me how it goes.

Overall, Moustache is a nice place to dine if you’re in Frankfurt and looking for Halal options. The prices are affordable and portion is good. But do not expect too much as I find this is a small restaurant. I am not too sure if I will bring Fairoz here for a date. We shall see.

Until next time! InsyaAllah.


How to get there:
Moustache Restaurant
Textorstraβe 80
Frankfurt am Main 60596
By u-bahn: U1/U2/U3/U8 Schweizer Platz
(in direction of Sudbanhof from Hauptwache or Willy-Brandt Platz)

Note: Halal sign present on the menu.

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