Style Diary: Perfect for Transitional Weather


Two weeks back Miza had a flight to Frankfurt and I was so excited for a girls’ day out with her. This is something I miss terribly. Don’t get me wrong, I have friends here and there’s also Fairoz’s cousins. But they are Fairoz’s cousins and they are boys. They do not understand my needs. The need to have alone time with a girlfriend to just chat and gossip.

I do not get much opportunity to just have a girls’ day out here and that to with someone who shares the same interests as me – coffee, cakes, beauty, fashion (modest fashion specifically), taking countless of OOTDs, and shopping! It has also been months since I last had a haircut or had my nails done. I know these things sound frivolous but these are some of the things I enjoy doing with my sisters and girlfriends.

Seriously, who in Frankfurt knows who Vivy Yusof is or even heard of brands such as Duck Scarves, Tudung People, Sugarscarf, Fashionvalet and such. Hands up if you do! We can have coffee and cakes – I know a couple of good places here. ūüėČ








Hijab | Nushee Nurra
Coat | Zara
Vest | Uniqlo
Top | Cotton On
Pants | H&M
Bag | Ted Baker

Boots | Melissa

And having Miza around, although only for a day, means numerous of opportunities for OOTDs! Hehehehee. She also kindly brought three bottles of Lingham’s Chilli Sauce for me from Singapore! Nyehehehehe.

The week before Miza arrived, the weather in Frankfurt was warm. I was so ready to wear a dress out but that morning, I had to change my decision. In fact, I was already wearing my Volcom jacket when I stepped out of the flat before realising it was too cold for a short jacket. I made a u-turn and changed to a warmer coat. Thanks eh transitional weather! On the upside, I get to bring out my Melissa Flower Boots given by my darling husband! <3

I also managed to record another ‘Day in the Life: Frankfurt Vlog‘. I tried a different style of editing this time around, I don’t know if you can notice or there’s any difference. Let me know your thoughts!

Until next time then. InsyaAllah.



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