Pirates of the Caribbean 5: Dead Men Tell No Tales Review


OMG! OMG! OMG! It’s 2am in the morning and we just got back from Cinestar Metropolis. I am dead tired but I just have to write this review now. OMG! Pirates of the Caribbean 5 (POC5): Dead Men Tell No Tales is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!!!!!

It is our last movie before the start of Ramadhan and I am so happy that we were able to catch it with the Winkler Boys! It was a late night sneak preview but it was such a great movie that I was enthralled the entire show.

We have been sooo looking forward to this for a while now. It has been sometime since the last Pirates movie and frankly ‘On Stranger Tides’ was truly a let down. It was also nice to see Johnny Depp back on the screens especially during such a tough period in his life.

Everything that you loved about the first movie is back! Reminiscent of the ride that I took at Disneyland when I was 11 years of age. It has crazy action scenes, superb special effects, scary enemies and a burgeoning new love story!

Nur was simply excited and gushed when she saw Orlando Bloom back on the big screen. I have to say that all have aged quite considerably.  Quite interestingly, the movie is named Salazar’s Revenge here in Germany.

Spoiler Alert!!! Parts of the movie shall be discussed from here onwards. Stop reading if you wish to be surprised in the cinema. Overall, a MUST WATCH MOVIE! And PLEASE stay behind for the POST CREDIT SCENE!

I guess what was lacking from ‘On Stranger Tides’ was a Turner lad. They did had the mermaid love story but I think we always loved our pirates. Disney decided to return back to the Turner saga that was left off in ‘Pirates 3: At World’s End’ where we see a young Henry Turner(Brenton Thwaites) saying goodbye to his father William onboard the Dutchman.

Henry is all grown up now and is trying to find a mythical artifact known as Poseidon’s Trident to free his father from the Dutchman’s Curse. Unfortunately, everyone is after the same trident as well from Henry’s love interest Carina Smyth (Kaya Scodelario) to Captain Barbosa (Geoffrey Rush) and the British Royal Navy Scarfield (David Wenham). Let’s not forget Captain Jack Sparrow trying to undo a curse to stop Salazar (Javier Bardem) from getting his vengeance.

The movie is nail-biting fun packed with frightening moments consumed with all out action. Truly, Javier carries on his work from ‘Skyfall’ and ‘No Country for Old Men’ featuring a menacing person in Salazar. And Depp is back to his best after flops of Wonderland mixing bumbling fool with enigmatic charm.

Do catch the post credit scene as it gives a hint that William Turner’s tale is not over yet! Till the next summer blockbuster after Ramadan!



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