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    Pirates of the Caribbean 5: Dead Men Tell No Tales Review


    OMG! OMG! OMG! It’s 2am in the morning and we just got back from Cinestar Metropolis. I am dead tired but I just have to write this review now. OMG! Pirates of the Caribbean 5 (POC5): Dead Men Tell No Tales is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!!!!!

    It is our last movie before the start of Ramadhan and I am so happy that we were able to catch it with the Winkler Boys! It was a late night sneak preview but it was such a great movie that I was enthralled the entire show.

    We have been sooo looking forward to this for a while now. It has been sometime since the last Pirates movie and frankly ‘On Stranger Tides’ was truly a let down. It was also nice to see Johnny Depp back on the screens especially during such a tough period in his life.

    Everything that you loved about the first movie is back! Reminiscent of the ride that I took at Disneyland when I was 11 years of age. It has crazy action scenes, superb special effects, scary enemies and a burgeoning new love story!

    Nur was simply excited and gushed when she saw Orlando Bloom back on the big screen. I have to say that all have aged quite considerably.  Quite interestingly, the movie is named Salazar’s Revenge here in Germany.

    Spoiler Alert!!! Parts of the movie shall be discussed from here onwards. Stop reading if you wish to be surprised in the cinema. Overall, a MUST WATCH MOVIE! And PLEASE stay behind for the POST CREDIT SCENE!

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    An evening with locals

    Had an evening that touched my heart while I was leaving school after Football practice recently. 

    There were four 12-year-old Zeilsheim neighbourhood boys playing outside of the school gate while I was heading out. Two Germans, a Turkish boy, and an Eastern European. I smiled kindly at one of them when the German boy asked me something in Deutsche. Shrugging sheepishly, I replied ‘Nein Deutsche’ which literally means ‘No German’ (I know it’s bad and I have been berating myself to learn the language more!)

    That’s when they stringed a few words in English and asked ‘Teacher?’ I said yes! ‘Wow. You rich as Asian family! They drive BIG cars every morning!’ Hehe. I chuckled and replied ‘Students rich. Teacher not rich.’ Then the Turkish boy asked: ‘You have pool in school?’ I said ‘Yup!’ and showed them the pool through the gate. All of them gawked staring at the pool. 

    ‘It’s so hot. Nice if we can swim!’ They said. Unfortunately, beaches are found a few thousand kilometers way up North in Germany. As they hanged around dreaming of the pool, I took my leave. That’s when they shouted out ‘Thank you Teacher! Have a Good Day!’ I waved back saying ‘Gute Nacht’. 

    I wished I could have invited these boys out to use the pool but such is life and it is the same everywhere whether you’re German or Singaporean, you just can’t help but to look over the fence where the grass is always greener.



    My uncompleted list

    Last week was supposed to be a week of respite for Fairoz and I. Whenever our colleagues asked what were our plans for the one week break, we told them that we will be hibernating in our apartment.

    We also had high hopes of catching up on our favourite shows. We intended to Netflix and chill. But, that wasn’t the case! The week went by so fast and we were running errands almost daily. I was also ambitious enough thinking that I will accomplish all the things on my list.

    My uncompleted list:

    1. Edit travel vlogs from December. Not forgetting blogging as well (not done)
    2. OB/GYN Appointment – done
    3. Dental Appointment – done
    4. Laundry (which is never-ending) – I have a new pile now.
    5. Catch up on my TV shows (Jane the Virgin and Agents of Shield) – did not start on any
    6. Pay back my fast while it is still Winter!!! Just three more days left – I am now down to my last day. Hurray!!
    7. Explore Frankfurt Museums (cause we haven’t been to any since moving here) – still not done.
    8. Go to Kleinmarkhalle – heard the oysters are good and they have other fresh seafood too!
    9. Buy groceries – managed to get this done!
    10. Start cooking again – Cooked three times since last week! Yay!!
    11. Finish reading at least one book – I am only a few pages in.

    And before I could complete the above list, Fairoz and I are back at work and this is the busiest time of the school term as term two is ending.

    Despite all of that, I did enjoy my break. Fai and I spent our weekend in Walldorf playing Harry Potter Cluedo with his cousins. It was so much fun. Those boys are so competitive!

    I honestly can’t wait for our next break. We’re planning to head over to London (I know you must be thinking… again?) and Birmingham. InsyaAllah.




    Surviving subzero temperatures

    What a cold week last week had been! It still is! Just this morning the weather was -12 degrees when Nur and I left for work. Just when you thought you could take it, Frankfurt weather springs another cold blizzard. How I yearn for temperatures to be above zero and not below.


    the weather for the next couple of days

    But honestly, I think we are better prepared now. Nur and I have our merino beanies, down jackets, thinsulate gloves, wool sweaters, and our trusted Uniqlo extra warm heat tech tights. Not to mention, all the blocktech clothing from Uniqlo too! They have been a GOD send in this subzero weather.

    I wish it had been snowing though. When it snows, the weather is much warmer (yes warmer!) and everything looks so beautiful. There is something about snow that makes one happy. Not that the weather isn’t beautiful right now. The sky is clear and the sun is shining. But do not be deceived! Clear skies meant minus weather temperature.

    Meanwhile school has been good so far. Hopefully the students were well prepared for their periodic exam earlier today. We are into week seven of term two and soon it will be the winter break! Term two is going way faster than term one. My students have finally submitted their extended essays (EE) – which means more marking for me! Though I think some of them looked pretty professional. You’d think it was done by Masters students doing their thesis. I am impressed! Certainly doing IB prepares students for University life.

    I hope my students continue with their good work and will impress me with their IA submissions. And before you know it, they will be sitting for the big IB exams!

    Now back to marking more scripts and setting exams!