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    Hello, Holland!


    Ok, this time around I am going to try something different. I shall let the pictures speak for themselves and summarise my entire Holland trip in one blog post.


    If you have been following us, you’d already know that currently we are living in Frankfurt, and this means travelling around Europe is much easier when you are based in Europe.

    Last month, during our Autumn break, we headed out to Amsterdam together with our good friend, Clara, who came to visit us all the way from Singapore. We began our journey boarding the ICE train from Frankfurt Hauptbanhof to Amsterdam Centraal. A four hour train ride that’s not really that long in my honest opinion. Besides, there’s a bistro on board the train if you are feeling a little peckish during your travel. But, I’d suggest packing your own drinks and snacks. The bordbistro can be quite expensive!

    Amsterdam the city is a little confusing. Maybe cause we thought that Amsterdam is big and our Airbnb booking claimed that it was within the city. But in reality, Amsterdam is actually quite small and our Airbnb booking was completely outside of Amsterdam, in Haarlem! Haarlem is about 20 minutes by train from Amsterdam Centraal itself, and we only found out that it is not a part of Amsterdam when we asked how to get to Haarlem at the train station.

    Transport in Holland is also really expensive. No wonder everyone has a bicycle! Despite staying 20 minutes out of Amsterdam and taking the expensive train every single day into the city, we had a blast!

    Holland in essence is a gorgeous city. Everywhere you go is picture perfect!

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    A week in Rome (Part 7)

    So, this is the final entry to our Roman adventure. It took me over two months to finish blogging this series. Lol. It is finally coming to an end. I am feeling conflicted. My Roman adventures are finally a distant memory. And if you haven’t read the previous parts go check it out – part one, two, threefourfive, and six.

    Day 7 (7 Aug 2016)

    We initially planned this day to visit the Colosseum and its surrounding but ended up shopping instead. Lol! My poor legs couldn’t take it so we took it slow instead.

    Day 8 (8 Aug 2016)


    So, we saved the best for last. We headed to the Colosseum, Palatine Hill, and Roman Forum a day before our flight back home and here are the pictures. And if you only have a few days in Rome, this is definitely not to be missed. Remember to book your tickets online as the queue at the Colosseum is very long and you do not want a heat stroke.

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    A week in Rome (Part 6)

    You know the drill, check out our previous Rome blogs over at parts one, two, threefour, and five.

    Day 6 (6 Aug 2016)

    Day six of our trip is a special one. Before we left for Rome, Fai and I looked around for an affordable photographer to follow us around – we like to do this sometimes, so that we can get those perfect photos that look like it came with the frame. Lol. Also, this was supposed to be a commemoration of our sixth wedding anniversary.

    We first contacted Photoshooting Rome, but they weren’t available on the dates we were in Rome. I then looked out for the next cheapest photographer available. But Fai did not like any of his photos. So in the end we settled with, Girolamo Monteleone from Made in Italy. And he did not disappoint! He was constantly available via email and he even planned the best walking route for us.

    Initially we wanted head to Trevi Fountain for our photoshoot, but after our walking tour earlier in the week, we decided to scrap it out totally. We just walked around the Colosseum area and the photos turned out beautiful!


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    A week in Rome (Part 5)

    Ok, let’s try finishing this series soon. If by now you’ve not read part one, two, three, and four. Go check it out.

    Day 5 (5 Aug 2016)


    This is the day we’re heading back into the Vatican City for our tour of the Vatican. So we booked a tour with City Wonders cause we heard of long horrible queue stories and the fastest way to get into the Vatican was with a guided tour by City Wonders.

    Our tour starts at 10am and to reach there on time, Fai and I left at 8.30am. We thought an hour and half means plenty of time right? No! We’re wrong! We totally forgot about peak hour. Remember our first tour on day two?

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    A week in Rome (Part 4)

    This series is taking longer than I expected. Now that I am working full-time here in Frankfurt, it is hard to keep up. Not that it was easier when I wasn’t working too. Lol.

    Day 4 (4 Aug 2016)


    Anyways, for our fourth day in Rome, Fai and I pre-booked a free cycling tour (you only need to pay €10 around S$15.30 for the bicycle rental) in Rome. We opted for the sunset tour at 5pm – to avoid being baked by the sun of course! Lol.

    Our morning started out pretty relaxing. We did not want to tire ourselves out before the tour. Somehow when the sun is up and it is extremely hot, we get tired easily. Cranky too.

    As usual we left our Airbnb at about noon for lunch – again we went to Termini Station for Halal food. I swear, at this point of time I was so sick of eating Indian food and Biryani. Kat Marrakech I was complaining about the lack of Indian food and now that I am living in Europe, Halal food usually means Indian food. Other times it is Kebabs.

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