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    Pirates of the Caribbean 5: Dead Men Tell No Tales Review


    OMG! OMG! OMG! It’s 2am in the morning and we just got back from Cinestar Metropolis. I am dead tired but I just have to write this review now. OMG! Pirates of the Caribbean 5 (POC5): Dead Men Tell No Tales is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!!!!!

    It is our last movie before the start of Ramadhan and I am so happy that we were able to catch it with the Winkler Boys! It was a late night sneak preview but it was such a great movie that I was enthralled the entire show.

    We have been sooo looking forward to this for a while now. It has been sometime since the last Pirates movie and frankly ‘On Stranger Tides’ was truly a let down. It was also nice to see Johnny Depp back on the screens especially during such a tough period in his life.

    Everything that you loved about the first movie is back! Reminiscent of the ride that I took at Disneyland when I was 11 years of age. It has crazy action scenes, superb special effects, scary enemies and a burgeoning new love story!

    Nur was simply excited and gushed when she saw Orlando Bloom back on the big screen. I have to say that all have aged quite considerably.  Quite interestingly, the movie is named Salazar’s Revenge here in Germany.

    Spoiler Alert!!! Parts of the movie shall be discussed from here onwards. Stop reading if you wish to be surprised in the cinema. Overall, a MUST WATCH MOVIE! And PLEASE stay behind for the POST CREDIT SCENE!

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    An evening with locals

    Had an evening that touched my heart while I was leaving school after Football practice recently. 

    There were four 12-year-old Zeilsheim neighbourhood boys playing outside of the school gate while I was heading out. Two Germans, a Turkish boy, and an Eastern European. I smiled kindly at one of them when the German boy asked me something in Deutsche. Shrugging sheepishly, I replied ‘Nein Deutsche’ which literally means ‘No German’ (I know it’s bad and I have been berating myself to learn the language more!)

    That’s when they stringed a few words in English and asked ‘Teacher?’ I said yes! ‘Wow. You rich as Asian family! They drive BIG cars every morning!’ Hehe. I chuckled and replied ‘Students rich. Teacher not rich.’ Then the Turkish boy asked: ‘You have pool in school?’ I said ‘Yup!’ and showed them the pool through the gate. All of them gawked staring at the pool. 

    ‘It’s so hot. Nice if we can swim!’ They said. Unfortunately, beaches are found a few thousand kilometers way up North in Germany. As they hanged around dreaming of the pool, I took my leave. That’s when they shouted out ‘Thank you Teacher! Have a Good Day!’ I waved back saying ‘Gute Nacht’. 

    I wished I could have invited these boys out to use the pool but such is life and it is the same everywhere whether you’re German or Singaporean, you just can’t help but to look over the fence where the grass is always greener.



    Style Diary: Perfect for Transitional Weather


    Two weeks back Miza had a flight to Frankfurt and I was so excited for a girls’ day out with her. This is something I miss terribly. Don’t get me wrong, I have friends here and there’s also Fairoz’s cousins. But they are Fairoz’s cousins and they are boys. They do not understand my needs. The need to have alone time with a girlfriend to just chat and gossip.

    I do not get much opportunity to just have a girls’ day out here and that to with someone who shares the same interests as me – coffee, cakes, beauty, fashion (modest fashion specifically), taking countless of OOTDs, and shopping! It has also been months since I last had a haircut or had my nails done. I know these things sound frivolous but these are some of the things I enjoy doing with my sisters and girlfriends.

    Seriously, who in Frankfurt knows who Vivy Yusof is or even heard of brands such as Duck Scarves, Tudung People, Sugarscarf, Fashionvalet and such. Hands up if you do! We can have coffee and cakes – I know a couple of good places here. 😉

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    Frankfurt Food Haunt: Moustache

    When it comes to food reviews, I usually let Fairoz blog about it while I edit his photos and article. He is the food connoisseur despite not being able to cook. Lol!

    But this time around, I am the ‘food critic’. I don’t have a choice cause Fairoz did not join me for a girls’ day out with Miza who was in town for the weekend. Meanwhile, Fai had his boys night with his cousins.

    So, when Miza told me that she had a flight to Frankfurt, of course I was extremely excited. I get excited when I am able to meet any Singaporean – family, friends, or acquaintances. Somehow they make me feel a little less homesick.

    Since Miza’s time in Frankfurt was pretty short. I had to think of places for us to hangout. I initially wanted to bring her to Guter Bulle, but Marriott is on the other end of the U4 line.

    Then I thought of Pandan, but why bring a Singaporean to a Malay restaurant? I know I miss Malay food very much but Miza can get it anytime she wants when she’s back in Singapore. Miza then suggested Thai Fun but I was a little sick of Thai Fun to be honest. So I turned to Google and found Moustache, a restaurant serving Halal Balkan food in Sachsenhausen.



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    Frankfurt Food Haunt: Guter Bulle

    I have always been a burger fan. Not the McDonald’s ones but rather fresh minced meat sauteed with herbs and spices. The good wholesome burger that is nutritious and vital for life.

    Honestly, my love for gourmet burgers sparked while living in Marrakech. Nurul and I chanced upon a tiny shop called KechBurger (can’t believe I didn’t blog about it!) The faire of New York was infused into the shop and my weekly weekend burger meals rejuvenated me for the next working week.

    I missed having those kind of burgers. And living in Frankfurt means our Halal options are pretty limited. Nurul has been making homemade burgers but I do not want to impose a weekly need on her.


    So when we found out about Guter Bulle, we became ecstatic. Cause after awhile, kebabs just doesn’t cut it. Nur and I were on our way back from gym (yes, we are gym-people now) when we saw a newly-opened burger joint. The place was packed and there were a few hijab-wearing women dining there as well. We have seen Guter Bulle ads on Facebook but have always assumed it to be non-Halal.

    Nur contacted Guter Bulle on Facebook and asked if they served Halal meat and if their food are Halal. The people of Guter Bulle were pretty fast with their reply. And their reply were simple – ist alles Halal.

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