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    Moving to Frankfurt


    By now, many of you would know that Fai and I are currently living in Frankfurt, Germany. But what most of you do not know were the difficulties which we had to go through just to get here.

    April last year Fai accepted a position as an International Baccalaureate (IB) Biology teacher. Back then, we were still in Marrakech and we thought that we will put a hold in applying our German visas until we return to Singapore. I’d admit that a part of me didn’t really have much confidence to apply for them in Morocco. Especially with the huge language barrier. My Arabic was half past six and my French was almost non-existent. And anyways, I was returning to Singapore for the Backstreet Boys concert the following month.

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    Saying goodbye, Adieu Marrakech: Living alone

    Here it is, part two of my Moroccan goodbye and how I cope with living alone without my lovely wife.

    While sitting on my chair at the Marrakech airport waiting for my flight, I had the time to reflect about being alone. At that moment, I have come to realise that I sincerely couldn’t wait to return to Singapore. For my heart was missing the person I love most in my life after Allah and my parents. Never did I expect that I would be missing my wife this tremendously. I guess you only appreciate the people you have in your life when they are not there with you.

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    Saying goodbye, Adieu Marrakech: Part 1


    My Moroccan escapade has finally ended and this is the first of a few posts about my final moments in Marrakech.

    My teaching stint with the American School of Marrakesh (ASM) officially ended on the July 31, 2015. And soon, I will be starting a new adventure, possibly in a not so foreign land. InsyaAllah. But before that I’d like to share what I thought about this eye-opening experience.

    I have experienced so much in Morocco that to be honest, I seriously do not know where to start. So I guess this post shall be the first aspect of the major picture of my Moroccan experience. I shall begin with how I feel about leaving Morocco.

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    One Week Left

    It is amazing how fast time flies. This time next week I will be back in Singapore, leaving Fairoz behind all alone here in Marrakech.

    I seriously can’t wait for my trip back home and for the concert I’ve been waiting for all these years! I will be heading to the Backstreet Boys concert on May 2! But at the same time, I hate to leave Fairoz all alone here. I have mixed feelings about this. I seriously do and I have no idea how am I going to deal with it. I’ve not started packing or cleaning. I am just procrastinating and it doesn’t help that since our trip to London, I’ve not been sleeping well.

    Oh well, I will just take one day at a time. Tomorrow will be my last shopping trip to Jemaa el-Fnaa. I need to stock up on those coveted Argan Oils!

    Marrakech, you have been wonderful though at times you gave me lots of anxiety. I will miss you no matter what. My time with you is almost up and soon Fai and I will be at another crossroad. Only Allah knows where our next destination will be. For that, we will need a lot of patience.

    The next couple of months will be another different challenge. I hope Fai will miss me as much as I will miss him. Haha.



    Bell’s Palsy (a stroke-like nightmare)

    Alhamdulilah, I have lived my life cleared of any major ailments. I have never been in a hospital nor have I had a debilitating disease. However, Allah wished to test me in a foreign land with a language that I am unable to understand nor speak.

    It began on a cold winter Marrakech morning. The winds were gustling as the temperature dropped to 5 degrees. Who would have thought that it could be so cold in Africa?!

    I was teaching when my students started to hush around and pulled perplexed faces. I asked them to pay attention and yet more were looking at me till one of them raised their hands.



    ‘Sir, Are you playing a prank on us?’

     What do you mean?

    ‘It’s amazing Sir! You are making faces at us!’

    Huh? As in?

    ‘Sir, the left side of your face is not moving!’ 

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